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About the Webmaster
So, for some reason, people want to know more about me.  Boy, do I wish I was interesting about now...  Some basic info:
Name: Carol
Location: Indiana, U.S.
Gender: Female (though I hope you could tell by the name)
Age: 23
Education: Finishing up a double major (Psychology, Law & Society) and double minor (Philosophy, Forensics) Bachelors degree at Purdue University.
Career Goals: Initially, just some basic police work, but I've considered a career in the federal agencies or crime labs as well.  We'll see.

Physical tidbits-
Hair Color: Naturally Brunette
Eye Color: Blue
So, you want a picture?  There you go.. I know it's blurry.. but it's the best I can do.  Plus my hair is blonde now... but oh well.  For reference, I get told I look like Barbara Streisand.. minus the bulbous nose.. whatever that means :P.. I've also been told I look like both Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner.  Lord, I wish!