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Contest Winners and Awards
I would once again like to thank all of the Laras who entered. You are all stunners and great cosplayers and I sincerely hope that you will all continue to enjoy doing what you are doing, the TR community loves you for everything you do. It was great to see some girls who are new to the game, as it shows Lara is still going strong, and the judges and I cannot believe how much the veterans continue to improve. I would also like to thank Nokia and everyone who helped out with this shindig out with prizes, support, and everything you did. Thanks also to the judges who really took their time in making fair decisions; I know it was very hard to choose. I hope ya’ll enjoyed the contest as much as I did. I will start contacting the winners immediately to get their shipping info for their prizes.

Main Categories
Best Angel of Darkness Lara
1st Place Prize
Big Ass AOD door poster
1st Place - Annie
2nd Place - Lily
3rd Place - Ana
Best Classic Lara
1st Place Prize
Angelina Jolie life size stand-up
1st Place - Joanna
2nd Place - Valerie
3rd Place - Heather A.
Best Location Image
1st Place Prize
TR Movie Die Cast Land Rover Defender Replica
1st Place - Lily
2nd Place - Amaunet
3rd Place - (tie) Ana and Kimberly
Best Movie Lara
1st Place Prize
Autographed Angelina Jolie COL bikini pic
1st Place - Mich
2nd Place - Sonia
3rd Place - (tie) Marina and Tif
Honorable Mention - Linny and Michelle
Best Studio Lara
1st Place Prize
Fantastic Lara Sketch by Carol
1st Place - Amaunet
2nd Place - Mich
3rd Place - Chloe
Best Young Lara
1st Place Prize
Tomb Raider I Print Shirt
1st Place - Freya
2nd Place - Abi
3rd Place - Ali
Honorable Mention - Elena
Fun Categories
Best Action Lara
1st Place Prize
Tomb Raider Comic #25 Michael Turner Variant Cover, Platinum Edition
1st Place - Jenn
2nd Place - Valerie
3rd Place - Joanna
Best Alternative Lara
1st Place Prize
Cradle of Life Replica Watch
1st Place - Amaunet
2nd Place - (tie) Joanna and Sandra
3rd Place - (tie) Priscillia and Tif
Honorable Mention - Abi

Best Comic Lara
No prize for this category. It was just a speical exhibition since it is really hard to find the comics outside of the US and the UK.
1st Place - Jenn
2nd Place - Mich
3rd Place - Sandra
Best Composite Image
1st Place Prize
Tomb Raider Movie T-shirt
1st Place - Lily
2nd Place - Annie
3rd Place - Amaunet
Honorable Mention - Heather M. and Tif
Best Cute Lara
1st Place Prize
Tomb Raider Wall Clock
1st Place - Valerie
2nd Place - Joanna
3rd Place - Annie
Honorable Mention - Kirsty a.k.a. Koisty
Best Funny Lara
1st Place Prize
Angelina Jolie Lunchbox (w/Thermos!!!!)
1st Place - Kirsty a.k.a. Koisty
2nd Place - Mich
3rd Place - Jenn
Best Non Lara
1st Place Prize
Mint set of all 90 trading cards from the first movie
1st Place - Elena
2nd Place - (tie) Annie and Vanessa
3rd Place - (tie) Chloe and Sonia

Special Awards and Recognition
The Golden Glue Gun Award: This award goes to the Lara who has created the best homemade prop and/or outfit for her photo shoots. The factors for this award will be both the quality of the finished product and the amount of time, effort, and skill that went into creating it.
Winner – Mich, Cradle of Life wetsuit
The amount of effort that went into this piece is as incredible as the actual finished outfit. Plus Mich wears it very well ;) ! Great job!

Best Rookie Lara: Laras who have never been in a look-a-like contest or had their pictures on the web before are eligible for this title.
Winner – Sandra
This was a hard one to decide. I had to go back and check a few times who was eligible for this distinction. After a lot of thought, I have to give it to Sandra. She is a gorgeous young woman, her costumes and looks are always top notch, and her pictures are always full of grrrrrrr!

Most Improved: The winner of this category is the look-a-like who has had the most dramatic improvement from the last contest they were in or from their earlier photo shoots.
Winner – Sonia
This was also a real tough one to call. Although Sonia may not have judged to have been the best girl in each category, she was consistently in the hunt for a ranking each time. She has always been a good Lara since she started cosplaying, but she has defiantly taken it up a notch now. Her best pictures in this contest, (most notably Comic and Studio) show how much progress she has made since earlier contests and photo shoots.

Most Cut Lara: This prize goes to the look-a-like who exhibits the highest level of physical fitness in their photos. Judging criteria will include muscle tone, dexterity, and flexibility.
Winner – Jenn
As always, Jenn has the strength and reckless abandonment of her own safety too pull off some wacky and unbelievable feats of strength. She also shows off how tone her guns are in most of her pics too. Grrr Jenn smash!!

Artist's Choice Award: Carol is a talented artist and is kind enough to do a sketch of the Lara picture she likes best.
Winner – Joanna (the first of her classic Lara pictures)
“There were absolutely some amazing pictures to choose from, but I had to avoid some simply because the person wasn’t prominent (esp. some location shots), the face wasn’t towards the camera or otherwise unidentifiable (and though it can make for some spectacular artistic shots, doing a sketch would lose something if you couldn’t tell who the subject was). Lastly, I didn’t choose from the studio shots, as I’ve agreed to do a sketch of the winning picture from that section already. So, in sum, I looked for a picture that had an interesting/artistic appeal; including pose, background, etc. with the person identifiable and in the forefront. This picture fit the bill. I loved the effect of the drain with trickling water in the bottom, leading to a colorful background. Overall, great mix of textures, good pose, and beyond adequate focus on the subject.” - Carol

The Lara Croft Look-a-like Life Time Achievement Award: Hooray Alliteration! This prize is given to the look-a-like who has really raised the bar for Lara Croft cosplay and taken it to a whole ‘nother level with their original ideas for costume creation and photo shoots and their sheer excellence as Lara. Many look-a-likes deserves this award, and I will give out in the future at random times, but the first one goes to…….
Winner – Amaunet
Amaunet has been doing Lara cosplay almost as long as it has been around. She is constantly innovating, improving, and creating new ideas, such as her Ice Queen Project, that many of the other models embraced and enjoyed doing. Along with others, she has expanded the ideas for Lara costumes to outfits that are outside of the games, but still have a definite Lara look and flavor. For all the various projects she has created over the years and for all the hundreds of pictures she has snapped, she is always great.