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I got up early to see the very first showing of COL. Thought I'd post a mini-review without any major spoilers.

   As soon as the movie started, I couldn't stop smiling.  I was damn excited. Immediatedly, I saw this movie was going to have an edge on the first. I was very pleased to see more 'Lara' movements in certain parts of the movie... definitely reminded me of in-game actions or at least FMV's.
   Overall, the enemies were better, but still a tad cheesy.. but I suppose most sci-fi enemies are.  Additionally, some of the special effects looked a little funny, but their purpose in the movie was definitely well planned. (of course, I was disappointed by the CGI in Spiderman.. so.. in comparison it's not really bad at all)
   I was very impressed with the scope of this film... was definitely less static and faster paced than the first. Many critics are saying it's better than the first.. I'd keep it about equal with an 'oh so slight' bump up. (I'm partial to the first just because that's how I got acquainted with TR) This movie was definitely spaced out more... you didn't feel stuck in the mansion for half the movie.. in the same context though, I kinda wanted to see more of her trusty housemates (Never fear, they do bring some comic relief to the movie).
    This one also wasn't as sappy as the first (no talking to dead fathers) but the newest love interest is hard to get used to. It was 'different' watching Lara talking about a romantic relationship.. but I guess it grew on me. Just have to look at her as an actual woman instead of the pixels we know and love.  BTW, a few of you were worried the love scene might be too much.. it isn't.. steamy without being over-the-top. No fear kiddies.. nothing like Original Sin.
   In the end, I loved it, but I think I'd love anything Tomb Raider.. then throw in AJ, and I'm practically in lust with it! lol She was so captivating in this one.. even more than the first I think.. couldn't take my eyes off her. I'd definitely recommend you see it (as if I had to twist your arm) and I'd give it a 3.5-4 out of 5.

LOL.. so much for a short review....