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Time To Train
Get the Slam Man, the item that was Simon West's
inspiration for S.I.M.O.N in the first movie:
As Seen on TV: The Slam Man?  As Seen on TV As Seen on TV: The Slam Man? As Seen on TV

The Slam Man? offers you a whole new way of working out. For the first time your workout will truly be fun! Not only will you be having fun but you'll be burning calories, receiving aerobic training and getting muscle sculpting benefits. You can naturally firm up and tone muscles while you improve your stamina, reflexes and coordination. In addition, just start your workout and you'll say good-bye to stress. One workout with the Slam Man? and you'll never want to use those boring and repetitive machines again. Your workouts become fun and recreational while still accomplishing your fitness goals. The Slam Man? comes preprogrammed with 15 unique workouts. SlamMan? FAQs 1.)What does a SlamMan? do? The SlamMan? is an aerobic boxing trainer that will help you learn the basics of boxing. 2.)What do you use for filling the base? Dry sand. How much? 240 lbs. (Sand not included.) We do not recommend water or cat litter. 3.)Can you adjust for different heights? Yes. Lowest height is 5'3", middle is 5'7", high is 6'0". 4.)What are the dimensions? Length : 18.5", Width : 15.75", Height : Min - 64", Max - 72" 5.)What is the guarantee? The SlamMan? also comes with a 1 Year Warranty. 6.)Are there other factors necessary to obtain results? Yes. A proper diet and exercise should always be a part of any weight reduction program. 7.)What comes with the SlamMan?? 12 oz. boxing gloves, instructional video, electronics, and an eating plan. With SlamMan, you are really duplicating a boxer's workut because you can work on your speed or work on your power punching. I like SlamMan and I think you will too. SHIPPING INCLUDED. Additional shipping charges apply to residents outside the 48 contiguous states and other countries. NO PO BOX (APO, FPO) ORDERS PLEASE.