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Angel Of Darkness
The Characters:

Kurtis is an ex-Legionnaire and experienced warrior with limited occult abilities. Raised as an initiate in an ancient order called the Lux Veritatis, Kurtis took on his father's role after the Alchemist hunted down and killed the last of the Order. As the sole remaining descendant, Kurtis is now on a quest for revenge against those that wiped out the Order and killed his father.

Underworld Parisian czar and owner of Le Serpent Rouge, a nightclub in a seedy back street quarter of Paris. With a reputation for ruthless and opportunistic violence on a large scale, Bouchard runs illicit operations throughout the capital.

He is an active part of the Paris underground, and a close friend of Louis Bouchard. As a master forger, printer, and archivist, Rennes specializes in the provision of illegal documentation and currency, using a back street pawnbroker shop as a front. Known to be insanely paranoid about conspiracy theories, he has rigged his entire operation with booby traps.

Madame Carvier is a historian and academic at the Dept. of Medieval and Renaissance Studies and has been involved in recent archaeological digs beneath the Louvre. She is a friend and colleague of the late Werner Von Croy.

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